January 02, 2020 Pilgrim's story about Christmas.
In the past year, the pilgrims brought a piece of miracle, showing the production about the Birth of the King in the "Republic Pilgrim" . They wanted everyone who came to the celebration to be able to plunge into the brightest and kindest story that ever happened in the world.
December 02, 2019 Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko shared how to raise 33 kids
The adoptive father of 33 kids , the chaplain of the Ukrainian army, the founder of the largest children’s rehab center at the territory of the former Soviet Union “Republic Pilgrim”, the Mariupol pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko gave an exclusive interview to the portal 49000.com.ua.  ...
November 18, 2019 “The Hollywood party” of the Pilgrim’s talents.
Expensive, shocking and full of glitter - the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the "Hollywood Party". The pilgrims created with their own hands the atmosphere of the cinematic city. They walked along the red carpet, and then received their Oscars.
November 05, 2019 From under the bombardment to the position of President
When modern Ukrainian children, as part of the school curriculum, go through the story of wars, they do not realize that they will be able to experience it in the real life. But that’s how the story of the total change in the life of the girl named Tanya began. At that time she had lived in the...
October 22, 2019 The elections in the “Republic Pilgrim” were held in quite a heated atmosphere.
The elections in the rehabilitation center “ Pilgrim” is a great opportunity to teach the kids to take a responsibility on them and to develop their leadership gifs. The kids are convinced that in order for the Republic to prosper it must have a strong and honest government ahead of it.

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Gennadiy Mokhnenko was born in February 27 Donetsk area, Ukraine, in the family of factory workers. In 1991 he had taken a year course in the Bible school in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1992 he founded the church where he has been a senior pastor ever since. Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko from the early years of the Church of Good Changes in Mariupol alongside with its board  has been taking an active part in the charity work that renders all kind of social support and help to the least defended layer of the population – street kids.

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