January 22, 2019 The way from illiterate street kid to the choreographer.
10 – year-old Alexey (the name is changed) got to Pilgrim with severe educational neglect. He couldn’t focus, couldn’t express his thought, he could barely read and was hardly socially adapted. Within the two years in Pilgrim the boy has gained dreams, goals and desire to successfully...
December 28, 2018 The first real Christmas for the former street kids.
The Christmas and the New Year’s vacation starting with the St. Nikolai’s day is truly a magic time. But many kids from the Republic Pilgrim in their lives where their experienced much suffering had no idea what the celebration meant. This is why such holidays are so emphasized here.
November 28, 2018 “We have worked hard and have inspired to defend our country”. The pastor from Mariupol told how the ...
Today the kids of the “Republic Pilgrim” ahead with Pastor Gennadiy headed to the defensive positions at the shore of the Azov Sea.
November 20, 2018 Pilgrims – sixties.
One of the events of great scale of the year is the Fall Ball. The kids prepare it and then take part in it with a great pleasure. It is a remarkable event for kids and teens. This fall ball has been in the style of 60-es.
September 19, 2018 Food kits for soldiers and a prayer for the enemies. Drive with chaplains to the frontline near Mariupol
Mariupol chaplains provided food kits to the frontline for Ukrainian soldiers.

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Gennadiy Mokhnenko was born in February 27 Donetsk area, Ukraine, in the family of factory workers. In 1991 he had taken a year course in the Bible school in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1992 he founded the church where he has been a senior pastor ever since. Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko from the early years of the Church of Good Changes in Mariupol alongside with its board  has been taking an active part in the charity work that renders all kind of social support and help to the least defended layer of the population – street kids.

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