November 18, 2020 Pastor- Pilgrim from Mariupol is the father of 38 kids and the grandfather of 26 grandkids.
Pastor of the church and head of charity fund "Pilgrim" of  Mariupol, Gennadiy Mokhnenko, is the father of 38 kids. The pastor has three biological and 35 adopted kids, " The Hromadske radio" reports.
November 06, 2020 «Even small help is important». Pastor Gennadiy and his adopted sons help Covid patients
In Mariupol volunteers decided to help doctors to fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Leaving their peaceful affairs people of different professions, which sometimes are very far from medicine, entered the battle with a dangerous epidemic.
October 02, 2020 The story of the pilgrim: from street to graduation with honors.
It is difficult to overestimate the influence of the "Republic Pilgrim" on lives of kids and adolescents who found themselves in difficult life circumstances, who lost their relatives or become addicted to alcohol or drugs. The story of eleven-year-old Daniel was no exception.
August 22, 2020 The 34th child has been adopted in the Mariupol family: the boy has visited Khreshchatyk for the first ...
In Mariupol, the pastor,  and founder of the rehabilitation center "Republic Pilgrim" Gennady Mokhnenko has taken 34th child into his family. The pastor noted that in his new family the boy is called Arturchik.
August 17, 2020 "City of Masters" in the "Republic Pilgrim"
Due to the extended quarantine, the pilgrims' summer vacation is significantly different from the usual program.  The kids and adolescents were not able to travel this year, they couldn’t make tourist outings and conduct cultural tours. However, life in "Republic Pilgrim" is going on.

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Gennadiy Mokhnenko was born in February 27 Donetsk area, Ukraine, in the family of factory workers. In 1991 he had taken a year course in the Bible school in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1992 he founded the church where he has been a senior pastor ever since. Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko from the early years of the Church of Good Changes in Mariupol alongside with its board  has been taking an active part in the charity work that renders all kind of social support and help to the least defended layer of the population – street kids.

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