Month: May 2011

First prize for “Makarenko from Mariupol”

The short movie”Makarenko from Mariupol”made by the accosiation “Emmanuel” has got the first prize at one of the most prestigious All Ukrainian contests of movie makers “Reveal Ukraine”. The main character of th emovie, pastor, president of the charity fund ” Pilgrim”, a founder of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” Gennadiy Mokhnenko was given by the executive committee of the festival with the certificate of gratitude for the active life position.

Memorial service of Gennadiy Mokhnenko

In memorial days in Postsoviet area there’s a tradition to come to the tombs of relates that is why I decided to describe in details my own funeral liturgy. In my message about death that lacks its power after the Resurrection of Christ I was speaking about overcoming by christians the fear of crossing the last line. As an illustration I asked my stuff to do all necessary preparations fro the funeral.