Month: August 2011

Pilgrims’ again, “Sick of it “

On the 20th Day of Ukraine Independence staff of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”, a children’s rehabilitation center “Republic” Pilgrim “, current and former rehabilitants, and former adult addicts, people of the Church of Good Changes, just Mariupol citizens who are willing to confront lawlessness in Ukraine, protested under the windows of famous drug dealer.

Clean up Mariupol from drugs!

A few days ago from Court of Appeal of Donetsk region has been released known in Mariupol drug dealer- Irina Kravchenko (nicknamed “Abramiha”). In closing remarks, the judge announced that the case sent back for revision. Employees of Charity Fund “Pilgrim” did not agree with the court order and are ready to express their protest in a public protest action.

The hot summer of “ Republic Pilgrim “

This summer in the “Republic Pilgrim “, as always, was full of adventures, interesting developments and many guests . Pilgrims had an honor to host friends from different corners of the world: the United States, Germany, and Czech Republic. Many young people came and devoted their time and finances to minister to orphans and children of the most complex social category in Ukraine. All guests of course, became honor citizens of the “Republic Pilgrim” and took an active part in kids’ lives.