Month: October 2011

Pastor Gennadiy repent before the Czechs

Pastor Gennadiy, together with a team of ministers, from Fund “Pilgrim” went in the middle of October on a missionary trip to Western Europe. The first stop was in the Czech Republic, city Gavizhov, where at the Apostolic Church working partner- mission “Nehemiah”. Every summer the team of young people from this ministry coming to “Pilgrim” to serve to the former homeless children in Mariupol.

French filmmakers in the “Pilgrim”

Today in the “Pilgrim” filmmakers were filming a documentary. French director Frederic Kusso and screenwriter Blonde Yuk arrived in Mariupol to make a film about our city. They were interested in the work of children’s rehabilitation center “Republic Pilgrim”. With a great interest they communicated with children, and also recorded an interview with Pastor Gennadiy. 

The destiny, from the cemetery – to “Pilgrim”

Little Olga from birth, never seen in her life enough attention from her parents, or clean and nice environment. In the house where she lived with her mother and other relatives, was a complete lack of sanitation – dirt, rubbish, and empty bottles were not cleaned for years. Adult family members abused alcohol, but when the Child Protective Services specialists decided to remove Olga from home into custody, a young mother fled with a baby.