Month: November 2011

On a Day of Prayer for Orphans Pastor Gennadiy Mokhneneko presented a new project “World without Orphans”

On a day of prayer for the orphans in the “Church of Good Changes” pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko presented a new project- of bikes cycling action “World without orphans.” Pastor Gennady along with former street children, his adoptive sons and children from rehabilitation center “Republic Pilgrim” is going to go around the globe by bicycle.

Adventure of faith on the Equator

Pastor- pilgrim Gennady Mokhnenko going into another trip to Africa, Kenya, scheduled for mid-January of 2012. Pastor has a desire to see the same desperately dedicated travelers, who will spend 10 days of the mission in one of the poorest regions in the world.

Future social workers came to practice in the “Pilgrim”

In the mid-October, center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” was visited by a group of students from Zaporozhye. Students from Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, who are training to become social workers: “We learned about the “Pilgrim Republic,” thanks to the film, “Makarenko from Mariupol.” Their teachers found it necessary to ensure that future social workers met in practice work with a complex category of children and have experience in dealing with street children. 

Pastor-pilgrim in Germany.

Pastor Gennadiy had an extensive program of ministries in Germany. In a short period of time he and his team of ministers visited several cities, where he participated in conferences, youth ministries, spoke with Russian Christians living in Germany.