Month: August 2012

Bike tour diary: Togliatti

On August 29 team of the bike tour “Russia and the world without orphans” left the Syzran. As we wrote, on the way there happen a little trouble, Pastor Gennadiy fell ill, after that we had to call an ambulance. Medics took Gennadiy to the hospital in Togliatti, where he was diagnosed and treated. Today Gennadiy Mokhnenko feels much better, but still, will continue until the path is not a bike, but in the van.

Bike tour diary: Kuznetsk-Syzran

Continues the bike action “Russia and the world without orphans.” Leaving Penza, participants headed to a new city Kuznetsk. Struggling with the weather, the rain guys rode about 80 kilometers. The road was very difficult and only eight most persistent guys drove that day until their final destination, others were forced to diver in the vans.
It is because of bad weather, the team had an unplanned stop in the village Chaadaevka where, with the help of the Minister of Education of the Penza region, children were placed in a local school. Special maternal care showed director of Chaadaev School.

Launched the third phase of a bike tour round the world “World without Orphans”

From 23 August to 13 September, a group of cyclists is going to overcome the 1,600 km on roads of Russia. Former street and now adopted children, children from the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic” Pilgrim “led by Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko, father of 31 adopted kids, carry the main slogan of the unprecedented action – “Every orphan has to have a family”. For the sake of this cause participates of this action are ready to pedal and inspire couples around the world to adopt.

The “Pilgrim” was visited my honored citizens.

The team from the partner churches of the U.S. state of North Carolina has long been not only partners but also good friends for the children and staff of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”. For more than six years Chernous family with their children and friends leave everything and come to Ukraine to take the time for children of “ Republic Pilgrim”, where for many years they are honorary citizens.