Month: February 2013

Minus 1 on the Earth – plus 1 in heaven! Day 4

After we had breakfast we started immediately to the Uks (Ukrainians) – the team of our missionaries. We have brought donations for them and shoot a video for the program “Mission is possible”. When I am home I will tell about the achievements of these amazing girls from the Ukrainian team in a series of TV programs.

Notes of the Black briefcase about the black continent (The Diary of the African trip – 2013) Day 3

The morning has started with a remarkable event: the official opening of the well in the Christian orphanage, it was dug and installed due to the offering of the church from a Russian city Oryol! You just can’t look quietly at this view! The price of it is health and life of many kids who will now drink not of the awfully dirty and miry pond but from the real clean well!