Month: March 2013

«Young mother» grows

The project “ Young mother” that has been functioning at the Mariupol Charity Fund “ Pilgrim” since 2011 keeps on taking an active part in lives of kids and their young parents. Within this period of time over 50 mothers alongside with their babies went through the program. In most cases among those who apply for the program there are those who found themselves in tough life circumstances, mothers- orphans, young mothers, victims of abuse in families as well as women with kids who have alcoholic or drug addiction.

«To be the reason of changes in someone’s life is such a privilege»

Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko — about his own experience of adoption The members of the church have adopted about 100 kids by now. The “loudest” adoption was of 7 kids with awful diagnoses and the Isayevs were brave enough to do it. By the way, it was Eugenii and Svetlana Isayev who had adopted first kid with HIV positive status in Ukraine. They surely did it with support of Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko.

Mission is possible! The notes by the black briefcase about the black continent (the journal of the African trip 2013) Day 7-8-9

We woke up very early and finished packing our suitcases. Saying goodbyes to Steve’s kids end up with tears in our eyes as always. For me the special moment was when I had to say goodbye to Hillary. I decided not to wake him up this time because he was rather stressed out last night. So I hugged him while he was sleeping and kissed him in his black forehead, and having put properly his blanket on hum I left the place. On his wrist that was hanging from the mattress he will find a special gift from me – sports watch.