Month: August 2014

The worldwide bike action “World without orphans”. The end of the4th stage

The last, 4th stage of the worldwide bike action “World without orphans” that was going through the whole Russia has been completed. Starting with the year 2011 the partakers of the action have overcome the distance of 9320 miles. In July 30th the bikers arrived in the furthest point of Eurasian continent – the city of Vladivostok. These days the last participants of the action have come back to Ukraine to start getting ready for the next stage of the worldwide trip.

Refugees in “Pilgrim” ask God for peace

Today in the adaptation center at the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” over 50 migrants from hotspots of the East of Ukraine. The fund actively takes part in the help to the refugees since hundreds of people come to Mariupol from Lugansk and Donetsk area. Because of the war actions in the east of Ukraine many people get killed from bombing and shootings of living quarters, many of them lose their relatives, children become orphans, more and more people  are left without roof under their head, they have no possibility to provide their needs and even simply to defend themselves. Those who managed to leave their place where there is the war zone now have almost nothing along.