Month: November 2014

«Saying good bye to the autumn»

Despite of the tension of the last few months and heard shootings, the life in Republic Pilgrim is going on. To prove to it the special holiday took place dedicated to the farewell with the autumn. The children of Pilgrim took a very active part in the process of preparation for the event, starting with setting of the hall and preparing quite serous pieces of drama that have become a visit card of the children’s republic. Each of the kids with their performances wanted to bring joy and to cheer up the guests and there were quite a few of them.

Coming back to life

The citizens of Republic Pilgrim were warmly greeted and hospitably received in the Western Ukraine. They could stay in a comfortable place and were temporarily enrolled in the local public school. But it is known that nothing is as sweet as home, surely they missed Pilgrim and Mariupol. Besides during the evacuation it was hard for the workers of Pilgrim to help those who needed help in Mariupol while all the kids were so far away. The calls with the requests to help were rather frequent.