Month: December 2014

“Pilgrim” takes refugee- children.

There are new kids in Republic Pilgrim they come regularly and each of them have their tough life stories. Many of them have seen in their lives what very few grown ups saw. However, lately not only difficult teenagers have been coming to Pilgrim but also the children of the refugees. The name of one of them is Christina.


He had conquered one of the highest mountains in the world – Kilimanjaro, rode 9300 miles on his bike having started his way in Mariupol and having finished it in Vladivostok. He didn’t give up when all the life circumstances were against him. Who is this strong- willed and outstanding young man. His name is Sergey Kucheruk, he is an adopted son of the Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko. The story of his tough life moved me up to tears.