Month: August 2016

Around the world on bikes for the sake of orphans – for them to find families.

The team from Mariupol travel around Europe to attract the attention to street kids. The bike action was initiated by the priest of the Pentecostal church Gennadiy Mokhnenko. He went to the worldwide bike tour alongside with his adopted kids. “It is so unfair because there is a thousand of families for each orphan in our country” – states Gennadiy Mokhnenko who is the adoptive father of 32 kids and 3 biological ones.

Latvia must become a country without orphans

At the end of this week the group of cyclists rode into Riga within the worldwide journey under the motto” The world without orphans”. All of them are former street kids who once were fostered by the pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko – the founder of the largest in the countries of CIS children’ rehab center “Republic Pilgrim”. As the priest shared in the interview to the program of the Latvian radio 4 “ day by day” his purpose here is to debunk the myths and stereotypes about adoption that exist in the Latvian society