Month: May 2020

Buy a sheep for the Pilgrim herd!

Spring at Pilgrim, like in the rest of the world, turned out to be difficult.  The unstable economic situation in Ukraine has noticeably shaken due to the coronovirus pandemic. Food prices have been raised abruptly, many people have lost their jobs, and means of living have declined. The citizens of the state of former street kids also felt a serious crisis. The solution to the problem was the development of a small subsidiary farm in order to be able to provide the kids with food from their own land plots.

Virus is not an obstacle to work!

The holiday house for the former street kids. This project at the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” has long ceased to be the project for recreation and picnics. Today it is an integral part of the subsidiary farm in the village of “Pilgrim”, which can grow into a real farm that can significantly improve the nutrition of the children and wards in other projects of the fund.