July 20, 2021 «Shlyah Nezalezhnykh». Former Mariupol drug addicts demand from ZELENSKY to deal with drug dealers
Today, July 15, the all-Ukrainian action «Shlyakh Nezalezhnykh»( «The Way of Independent» started in Mariupol.  Christians from all over the country came together to make a rally to the President's Office in Kiev.  The protesters will demand tougher legislation against drug...
July 01, 2021 Former street kids continue their chosen path.
The academic year is over, and the Republic Pilgrim is once again saying goodbye to their graduates. This year, six ninth-graders graduated from the walls of the State of Former Street Kids. During their stay at Pilgrim all the kids have changed a lot. Some in a few years, and some - in a very...
June 01, 2021 Ukrainians to be proud of: Gennadiy Mokhnenko - pastor of a Protestant church, military chaplain and ...
In a special story for the program "Evening with Nikolai Knyazhitsky" we tell about the pastor of the Protestant "Church of Good Changes", military chaplain and father of 38 children Gennadiy Mokhnenko.
March 17, 2021 Spring Festival in the State of the Former Street Kids and in the Women's Prison.
For the spring holiday on March 8, the traditional bright concert was held in the "Republic Pilgrim", which was prepared by the pilgrim kids on their own.

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Gennadiy Mokhnenko was born in February 27 Donetsk area, Ukraine, in the family of factory workers. In 1991 he had taken a year course in the Bible school in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1992 he founded the church where he has been a senior pastor ever since. Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko from the early years of the Church of Good Changes in Mariupol alongside with its board  has been taking an active part in the charity work that renders all kind of social support and help to the least defended layer of the population – street kids.

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