A black kid has become the president of the Republic Pilgrim.

«Republic Pilgrim» is the state of kids and, just as in every other state, they have their own government, laws and order. This is why the elections of president and of government is always a very important event in the state of former street kids. The other day the inhabitants of “Pilgrim” made their conscious choice.

These are always exciting days for the kids when they have the opportunity to discuss candidates. Election campaigns are always pre-posted on public display, as well as on social networks.
Election Day for the residents of the republic is a responsible event. All the children, as well as educators, teachers, employees of the Fund Pilgrim, volunteers came to the elections, where they left their votes for the candidates they liked. In addition to direct participants, virtual voters could also take part in the elections.
For the first time, a black kid became the President of Republic Pilgrim. The bright, dynamic, artistic Damir is popular among the kids and was already able to gain authority. As a result, he won the presidential elections by a significant margin from other contenders.
Damir wrote in his program: “My life has changed dramatically, my worldview has changed. I reconsidered my outlook on life. God appeared in it and helped me to get rid of bad habits; I began to catch up with studies and to achieve success in this area. I try to help educators. I really want to become an example for everyone, so that my mother can be proud of me”.
Initially, Damir’s path was not easy. Before the teenager got to “Pilgrim”, he had a number of difficulties with his studies, several addictions, which upset his family and friends. Having fallen into his certain dead end in life, he found a way out only in rehabilitation, which he underwent within the walls of the “Republic Pilgrim”. Due to the lightness of his character and hard work, he became a leader at all events in the center, participated in all competitions and was largely successful, which was an incentive for good changes in his life. Damir himself saw that his life has was finally filled with bright colors. Now he has plans, dreams and goals. He is one of the few teenagers who knows for sure that in the future he will be a designer and furniture manufacturer. He wants to open his own business when he grows up.
An excellent team has rallied around Damir. Some kids entered the government for the first time; some are not the first time and have experience. Recently, the first meeting of the new cabinet of ministers and the president has taken place. The kids are eager to work for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Republic and leave their mark on its history.