Adoption is not something to be scared of – proved by the partakers of the worldwide bike action

The bike trip “Russia without orphans” whose purpose is to propagate the family forms of upbringing children is being passing through the territory of Krasnoyarsk area being supported by the regional department of the party “United Russia”.

The bike action around the world “Russia without orphans” had been in Krasnoyarsk in the20th of July. The regional department of the party “United Russia” has actively supported the action of adoption campaign since the main mission of the project coincides with the All – Russian party project “Each child is important for Russia”.“ Russia – go ahead! Russia without orphans” – this was a  motto that 40 participants of the third and fourth stage of the bike action “ Russia without orphans” were shouting riding their bikes through the streets of the city last weekend. Over 50 bikers wearing white T-shirts “Krasnoyarsk area without orphans” and “United Russia” joined the action this day.The way of the bike group started in the Central park at the bank of Yenisei River through the river station, Dubrovinsky st., Mira Avenue and till the very stage at the Tatushev Island where they were waited by the crowd of those who are not indifferent to the problem of orphanship.  There the concert took place and among the performers were as professional bands as the children from adoptive families.  The initiator of the action Gennadiy Mokhnenko as well as a head of a regional alliance “Krasnoyarsk without orphans” Roman Mozzherin, and a head of the main department of culture of Krasnoyarsk area Natalya Malashuk, and a representative of the regional department of the party “United Russia”, a director of the regional center of development  of family forms of upbringing Olga Abrosimova were all greeted from the stage. The final point of the concert was a performance of the famous Russian band “Yahont”. Olga Abrosimova, the director of the center of development of family forms of upbringing and a regional vice – coordinator of All Russian party project “Each child is important for Russia”, shares her impressions:“These kids are real heroes and it is obvious. They are ready to ride their bikes through the entire world to prove that there are no unneeded kids. Their attempts to destroy the myths about “bad” genetics using their own example as well as to motivate people to adopt are worth respect indeed”. According to Olga Abrosimova only such bright and exciting events can really change the attitude of the society to  taking kids into families. “Long-term expertise of the work of our Center of development of family forms of upbringing in Krasnoyarsk area shows that only active propaganda of adoption and large scale events, projects and public actions like this one are able to change the tough situation with social orphans in the area and in Russia in the whole.  We need more of such actions”, – the head of the Center assures.The young bikers ahead with the father of 32 adopted kids Gennadiy Mokhnenko have already rode 5000 miles this time. They had ridden through all of Ukraine and half of Russia.  They had been ridden through Moscow – Kursk, Oryol, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Omsk, Novosibirsk and now – Krasnoyarsk. In th e20th of July the group kept riding towards Irkutsk area, closer to the great lake – the Baikal.According to the participants of the bike action this trip is not just a journey for them to see new places. This is a real bike action since every day they have to ride about 75 miles in extreme conditions, they have to be present at all meetings and press- conferences and concerts devoted to the action. All these is to attract attention of as many people as possible to the problem of orphans. The bikers appreciated the warm hospitality of people in Krasnoyarsk they experienced and they expressed their assurance that the dream about Russia without orphans will come true soon.“ It is worth mentioning that at the present stage of the bike action  it was the first time we rode along the roads where the traffic stopped for the sake of the action, it felt very unusual, – the partakers of the action share.  We would like also to emphasize on the good attitude to the action of the governor of Krasnoyarsk area and the party “United Russia”.  It went on a high level, big thanks. After such bright meetings and much attention of the society the dream about Russia without orphans has becoming more and more real”. Let us remind you that the bike action went through the territory of Krasnoyarsk area from July 15th till July 24th. The group had been to Achinsk, Bogotol, Kozulka, and then Borodino, Kansk, Nizhnyaya Poima. The activists of the party “United Russia” take an active part in the bike action in different towns, different activities, brochures and performance of local band is what they organize when the bikers stop by.