Coming back to life

The citizens of Republic Pilgrim were warmly greeted and hospitably received in the Western Ukraine. They could stay in a comfortable place and were temporarily enrolled in the local public school. But it is known that nothing is as sweet as home, surely they missed Pilgrim and Mariupol. Besides during the evacuation it was hard for the workers of Pilgrim to help those who needed help in Mariupol while all the kids were so far away. The calls with the requests to help were rather frequent.

When it got rather quiet in Mariupol and relatively peaceful the managers of Pilgrim made a decision to bring the kids back to the “Republic Pilgrim”. The Ukrainian Railways company helped in the purchase of railway tickets for the kids. So the children reached their city in a comfy train. Kids and mentors assure that they saw a lot of care towards them, those who were forced to be evacuated from those who were receiving them there and from those who were helping to get to Mariupol. They helped them and wished them peace. 

 When they got back they could see many new kids in Pilgrim who try to get used to the life in Pilgrim and get to know new rules and laws of life in the republic.

The 1st day of school which normally is on the 1st of September this year was much later. The classes started working only in the middle of October. But the kids are full of enthusiasm and happy to be home. The Pilgrim life has become very active and the rhythm of life is exciting again. Presently the children are getting prepared for the Fall Ball that is going to take place here in the state of former street kids very soon.

The kids are ready to talk nonstop about their experiences and adventures  and what a pity that in their stories there are more and more such words as “explosions” and “war”.

Daniel Kakushin, the president of “Republic Pilgrim”: “We spent a very good time in the Carpathians, people are very hospitable there. We ascended the Goverla Mountain. We went hiking, picking herbs and branches for the heating oven. We made new friends in that school. Also we could attend several churches, we sang for them and they prayed for us and cared a lot. I especially remember the church in Yaremche where they hosted us in pairs in their homes. They even didn’t want to let us go but we did want to get back home. So we are happy to be back because we were missing our school, it’s more fun here. We get scared when we hear shootings but at times we hear it is just the training. The new kids in Pilgrim cry on hearing the shootings but we try to calm them down”. Мы радовались возвращению, начали учиться в своей школе, здесь веселее. Страшно только когда слышим выстрелы, но говорят, это просто учения. А ещё у нас новенькие плачут, когда слышат выстрелы или взрывы, но мы их успокаиваем».

Zhenya Karol: «We loved it there but it is better to be home and we wanted to be back soon. Here we are altogether in school while there we were separated into different classes. I like it here more. At first I would get scared each time I hear shootings but now I know what it is and try not to notice”.

Anjela Belik: « I liked to be in the Carpathians very much, it was very beautiful there. People there cared for us and gave us presents. In school they gave us copy books and rucksacks. But we still wanted to go home. We study here again and get prepared for the Fall Ball. We got used to the explosions so we are not afraid any more”.

The life in “Pilgrim” is becoming more and more active and bright. All the workers and children pray and believe that very soon there will be peace over our city and country.