Do you know heroes of Bible?

Former street kids in Republic Pilgrim study Bible actively.

 The mentor do their best to introduce God’s principles to the children in the game form for the kids to learn to practice those principles in their everyday life. That is why quizes in Bible study are often organized in the center.

  One of these days there was a quiz about heroes of Bible in Pilgrim. It was held within the Bible school ” Jesus School”. The pilgrims would solve the riddles and crosswords, cryptograms and guessed what hero of Bible was meant by the presenters. There were three teams participating. In each of them the guys did their best to support each other to win in the battle. Thus the pilgrim showed much interest and good knowledge of Bible what they learnt at Bible school and Sunday school.

The winners shared that it was hard to win because the opponents were quite smart and hard toovercome.

  Tatyana Karpuchina, the Principle of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” stated: ” as all juries agreed to admit it wasd all about unity – if there was a friendly team spirit and they supported each other – they won. It always works in such a way!”