Spring Festival in the State of the Former Street Kids and in the Women’s Prison.

For the spring holiday on March 8, the traditional bright concert was held in the "Republic Pilgrim", which was prepared by the pilgrim kids on their own.

The spring festive concert helped to discover many new talents among the kids. As always, the pilgrims put a lot of effort and all their inspiration into the preparation for this bright event: they decorated the hall with the handmade outlandish flowers, selected costumes and attributes for the performance, devoted a lot of time to rehearsals and creatively approached the preparation of each performance.

Due to the quarantine measures, it became impossible to invite many guests, but those who attended this spectacular event were delighted and left only positive reviews. Looking at the incendiary and talented performance of the children, many could not believe that many of the kids used to be street kids, used to steal. They didn’t attend school and certainly did not develop their acting talents. However, after living for a certain time in “Pilgrim”, children opened their hearts. One can see in their eyes joy, inspiration and desire to create and move forward.

   A special event was also a trip with a festive concert to the women’s prison. The kids did not only speak and congratulate the women, but also talked with the prisoners and felt the difficult atmosphere of this institution.

Tatyana Karpukhina, director of the children’s rehabilitation center Republic Pilgrim: «Difficult teenagers, who often cross the line of the law, see and feel the illusion of the line between freedom and forced bondage. They also understand that once breaking the law, you can ruin your life … But we are always ready to help them in life and we are happy to see good changes in the behavior, thinking of children and the desire to change for the better».