The destiny, from the cemetery – to “Pilgrim”

Little Olga from birth, never seen in her life enough attention from her parents, or clean and nice environment. In the house where she lived with her mother and other relatives, was a complete lack of sanitation - dirt, rubbish, and empty bottles were not cleaned for years. Adult family members abused alcohol, but when the Child Protective Services specialists decided to remove Olga from home into custody, a young mother fled with a baby.

After awhile people have called and reported that in the cemetery in the area Iyichevck Mariupol, in an abandoned car for a few months living woman with a baby. But this time, when officers arrived, they did not find anyone. In the dirty, broken car were only children’s clothes and toys. A young woman with a child has lived here all winter from December to April.

Soon, Natalie herself came into the Christian church “Grace,” and from there she was sent to a rehabilitation center in the village Chervonoye. There she received help, rehabilitated and lived with her daughter. The employee of Fund “Pilgrim” Irina Matyushin remember, that the girl was very frightened, do not trust people, and didn’t not know basic things, referred to herself in third person, did not distinguished colors, and animals, never ate fruit and meat. Due to the fact that the mother always led a vagabond life and the girl was not in her plans, and a 4 years old Olga had a developmental delays as on one-year old child.

Within two months stay in rehab, Natalia began to complain of health. At the hospital it turned out that she was sick with tuberculosis. A young woman was put into the hospital and baby stayed in Chervonoye with the ministers of the rehabilitation center. A month later, Natalie left the hospital never finishing her treatment, began to drink again and hit the road. Her health was enough for exactly a month, shortly after she passed away …

Irina Matyushin, an employee of Fund “Pilgrim”: “When I visited again Chervonoye, and was about to leave, then Olga grabbed me, did not want to let go, and asked to take her with me. But I could not take her, because I have not even talked it over with my husband … I left with great pain in my heart and cried all the way … When I came home and told my husband, he said, “So we should take her” … We decided to take her, since she was much behind, Olga needed a protective family to catch up with her peers.. ” 

Olga now for several months is living in the family of ministers Fund “Pilgrim” Alexander and Irina Matiushin. Irina prepares documents to abstain custody of the girl and strongly engaged with it. Now Olga can already tell where she lived, when her birthday, recognize colors. Almost immediately she began to call Irina and Alexander mom and dad. New parents of Olga pray for her and believe that in the future she will have a wonderful life, after all, completely healthy girl; she just needs a loving and caring family.