The present for pastor – pilgrim

Today pastor - pilgrim - adoptive father of 31 kids Gennadiy Mokhnenko is celebrating his birthday.

I woke up today and like in childhood was thinking what present I would like to get at my birthday. I will be frank with you… my modest wish…

I would like to found one more foster home for the handicapped orphans in our Pilgrim village. They sell quite a nice house here. And I have a half of the ammount of money to purchase it – and I thank fo rthat my brother Timothy who has made a purposed offering for “Pilgrim” recently. I need only 13000 dollars to have the full ammount for the purchase.

That is why I got this idea -to ask you to give me a present ( for “Pilgrim”) from my virtual, but true friends in the Internet. This is the offering of celebration for the republic of former street kids dedicated to my birthday. Believe me, I don’t need anything else.

If you would like to send an offering towards this big dream at this link  you will find all possible ways to do it.

On the picture you can see the part of my foster family, on the background a house of pastor’s foster home “Guards”
I dream to buy the house for “Pilgrim Village”which is even bigger than ours in the area.
Happy birthday, pastor Gennadiy! And thank you, my dear friends! God will give back and He won’t forsake your open hearts. I am confident!