Ukrainian Pastor Adopted 36th Child, “Bless the Young Man”

Pastor and chaplain Gennadiy Mokhnenko from Mariupol, besides a huge charitable work, does not get tired of saving children's lives.

Recently he has adopted another boy, Ivan, and Gennadiy became a father of 36 children.
“I’m accepting congratulations. Children are getting into our family even during the war, and despite the fact that I am far away from my wife. I took my 33rd adopted son to the USA, but before I got back home, the 36th son was already sleeping at his place !!! This is some kind of cycle of children in nature, for more than twenty years … Bless the young man … He is 14. He already said: “Dad” … “, he said.
Gennadiy believes that his role is not only to give them a home and financial support, but also to help them to recover, get back on their feet, as well as to see God through a father’s love in his and their lives.