Virus is not an obstacle to work!

The holiday house for the former street kids. This project at the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” has long ceased to be the project for recreation and picnics. Today it is an integral part of the subsidiary farm in the village of “Pilgrim”, which can grow into a real farm that can significantly improve the nutrition of the children and wards in other projects of the fund.

The fruit garden has already appeared there within few years since the partners helped to purchase a small house with a plot of land in the village of Chervone for the Center of Children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”. The kids and teens gladly attend the garden and for a few years it brings fruits: cherries, apples, grapes, and the kids can enjoy them.  But the guys continue to develop it and from the one hand it gives them the opportunity to work and to gain skills which will be useful for the graduates in future, but from the other hand, they can have additional vitamins beginning with midsummer and up to late fall. 

 At the time of such difficult economic circumstances it is getting especially vital. This year, the fund employees, the educators and the kids paid special attention to this project. They planted not only more than two dozen seedlings of fruit trees and shrubs, but also planted several tens of hundreds of potatoes in the fields of the Pilgrim village.

Working on the field is always a privilege for the kids of “Pilgrim”.  They always go to the holiday house with a great joy to saw or cut trees, to plant, and to tidy the house, to maintain it in good condition. The desire to work is a certain guarantee of the success of the future harvest.

The kids are always grateful to those people who invest their hearts and finances in the purchase of seedlings of trees, seed potatoes, the holiday house itself, and they are sure that only with the help of caring people the life of the state of Former street kids improves.