We’ve got summer vacations!

Summer holidays are a carefree and favorite time for the pilgrims. And now, just for some kind of training, the children retreat in the camp at the beach of Azov Sea.

Sleeping in the tents, bonfire food and baked potato, swimming in the sea, an opportunity to sunbathe on the hot sand… Who of the teens wouldn’t dream about it? Each day is full of new impressions, some common things from rigid schedule and a good mood.

Mornings in the camp start with the exercises by the beach. It is held by the Minister of Sports of the republic Artem Alifirenko. At the end of the exercises there was swimming and games on the water. Longer than other to stay under the water Slava Smyslov andSergiy Kucheruk can, as it turned out – their private record is almost 2 minutes! Among the girls the underwater record belongs to Elmira Ismaylova – she stayed under water 1, 5 minutes. In the competitions in swimming among the youngest the winners are Zenich Anya and Sergey Maslov and among the oldest – Slava SmyslovValera Glushets,Sergey Barabanov.
After the morning dismiss and prayer the guys have their breakfast – cereal made on the fire.
During the camp on a daily basis 2 team compete nonstop – older team “New generation” (the leader is Elmira Ismaylova) and the youngest team “Angels” (the leader Andrii Krichun)
The children enthusiastically made up the mottos and logos, competed in the performance of the team song. They sang those songs that are classic for the teens of their age – Red sails, Smile, Yellow guitar.
Sure enough, they couldn’t do without sports contests: soccer, badminton, volleyball – these kinds of sports are daily companions of the guys.
Unforgettable for the children was the visit of the guests from different Christian centers of Ukraine. Alongside with the guests the pilgrims participated in the relay races, competitions learnt new songs…. and at the end of the event the guests gave the kids the letter from Jesus
Their retreat at the Azov beach is coming to its end. But the children have ahead of them the Crimea with its breathtaking, extreme trips and a chance to get a lifetime rest.