10-year-old street kid: “When I was scared on the street, I sang”

Andrei (the name is changed) is now 12 years old. He got to "Pilgrim" in September 2019. His mother, who had drug and alcohol addiction, was under investigation and, hiding from justice, fled. So the child was left alone in a rented apartment.

His neighbors noticed that the 10-year-old boy was begging on streets, looked untidy and very skinny. They informed the Juvenile Affairs Service and its employees turned to the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” with a request to receive the child until the situation is clarified.
Andrei was very weak, and did not look his age. It turned out that the boy has a kind, open character. He immediately made friends with other kids and adults. He treated his studies responsibly, and tried to perform even difficult tasks diligently. Thanks to regular proper nutrition, the boy recovered, and a blush appeared on his face.
It was also noticeable that Andrei didn’t receive enough love from his mother. He sought acceptance, affection and attention from every adult employees. When Andrei saw a fragment about mother in a movie or heard a song about mother, he invariably cried and was upset. He asked to look for his mother, constantly asked about the search results, and waited for her to come to see him on holidays. He was concerned for the neighbors, when they see his mother, not to forget to inform her where he was.
“I really like to be here in Pilgrim. The food is delicious here. I never had such parties and gifts. I would love to see my Mom as soon as possible and to boast, to tell her about a lot of things,” said Andrei.
He began to take an active part in all the events of the “Republic Pilgrim”, festivals and competitions. He tried to be useful and to help the adults. It is important for him to be noticed and praised.
Andrei also likes singing. “When I was scared on street, I sang,” the boy recalls.
He recently experienced a tragedy: his mother died without ever meeting her son. After a long wandering, the woman ended up in hospital, and died of tuberculosis. We in “Pilgrim” learned about it only after her death. Without thinking twice, it was decided to find a family for Andrei, where he could feel accepted and  be surrounded by care. Albert Khomyak, a minister of the Fund “Pilgrim” who has been an adoptive father for years, began the process of officially fostering the boy. Andrei is already in his family.
The staff of the fund and the educators see that, despite the difficult trials in his life, Andrei loves God, loves life, and is open for fellowship with people. By the way, Andrei still loves singing.