Renovation in the facility of the project “The Young Mother”

The renovation of the building of the Crisis Center which is located in the village of Mangush, Volodarsky district, has been continuing at an accelerated pace. Construction takes place simultaneously inside and outside the facility.

Over the past month, several additional rooms have been built, windows have been inserted, tiles have been laid on the floor and walls, the roof has been blocked, and electrical work has been completed.

The building of the center has already been transformed significantly.  The private family rooms and common areas were made comfortable, warm and, importantly, cozy. The kids can grow up and see a healthy environment around them, order and care, and their mothers learn to live anew, to manage a household and to make plans for the future.

Irina Matyushina, director of the project “The Young Mother”: “We are very pleased that children and their mothers do not stand aside either. They are making their contribution to the construction and improvement of the building of our crisis center. This inspires us and gives us the desire to work further, to restore what was destroyed in their lives. We are grateful to God for His spiritual support, for the fact that He sends us generous people who pray for our wards and help us financially. This gives us even more strength! 

Today in the center for women who are in difficult life circumstances, there are 8 mothers and 14 children aged from 8 months to 15 years.

Those who were left without a livelihood, were forced to leave their families because of violence, to raise their children alone without t support of relatives, often without work or state welfare, as well as without documents live here on a permanent basis. Young women often come if they are already in a critical condition. Their psychological and physical condition does not allow them to perceive the environment adequately. They do not see future and are unable to solve even ordinary daily issues. They do not understand how to take care of their kids. Many of them struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, which exacerbates the situation of the family.

However, thanks to God and the ministers of the center, who, acting on the principle of love for one’s neighbor, patiently help these young Moms to recover,  to calm down and to feel the earth under their feet, these women go through a process of changes. They gradually restore their own vitality; they have a desire to change and to grow as a person. This undoubtedly affects the further development of their kids, the upbringing process and the health of these little kids.

Irina Matyushina, director of the project “The Young Mother”: “Unfortunately, there are still a lot of tragic stories. For example, this week we are waiting for replenishment in the project. This is why we need new renovated rooms, additional sleeping places and furniture. We hope to be in time to finish these works so that the new wards could find themselves in normal conditions for future life”.