Pizza for “Young Mothers”

For mothers with their kids who found themselves in difficult life circumstances, it is enough just to go to the cinema and a pizza place to enjoy themselves with their kids and escape from everyday problems. Many of the mothers grew up in unfavorable conditions; they never saw cafes, cinemas or other cultural events.

When there is only the question in life “how and where to find food?” we are not talking about any holidays for kids. The women simply cannot afford to even think about it. However, the crisis center “Young Mother” is trying to solve not only vital issues. The cultural program is a part of changes in life, which gives a feeling of joy, allows them to relax, to have fun with their children, and to get a positive charge.
A bright event in the series of Christmas holidays for the children and the Moms from the “Young Mother” project was a trip to a pizza place and a cinema to watch a cartoon. They dreamed about it for a long time and prayed for such an opportunity. It became a real holiday for the kids: in the pizza place they immediately organized a competition to see who would eat more slices of pizza, and after a general vote an interesting cartoon was chosen to watch. The kids and their mothers got a lot of pleasant impressions and positive emotions.
Irina Matyushina, director of the project “Young Mother”: “It is so joyful and pleasant to see the happy faces of the mothers and their children. We are sure that such events will stay in their memory for a long time. It charged them with positive energy and it contributed to further good changes. Many thanks to those people who helped bring this to life. We thank God for your open hearts and desire to help those in need. “