The Pilgrims’ contest “Boys vs Girls”

Quarantine does not interfere with the cultural program in the lives of former street kids. The "Boys vs Girls" contest was held the other day in the " Republic Pilgrim ". Taking part in an unusual duel the girls answered questions about football, brands and the history of car production, and the boys talked about modern fashion brands, the intricacies of women's makeup and hair styling.

The battle was not a spontaneous event, since each competition required a lot of preparation from each of the teams. Boys and girls treated the competitive homework responsibly, watched many video materials, prepared dances, greetings and drew bright posters. In general, none of the inhabitants of the Republic stood aside: the children decorated the hall, prepared crafts from natural materials.

Doing the competition tasks the boys truly surprised with their skills in cooking fruit salads, drawing up a basic women’s fall wardrobe. In turn, the girls showed excellent abilities in working with the burner, showed themselves remarkably in the “guess the melody” competition. Well, the dance battle of both teams caused a flurry of emotions among all those present. In addition, for both teams, there were contests for quick thinking and attentiveness. 

It was an unforgettable day for everyone: the battle became a bright, cheerful, musical, atmospheric event, which gave a lot of positive and good mood. It was difficult for the jury to determine the winner since both teams fought with dignity and were well prepared. And although the girls’ team won by a small margin, the most important result of the event was the understanding that the guys have and can share their talents, learn new skills and be one friendly team.