The only elections in the world without corruption have ended in “Pilgrim”.

The other day in the "Republic Pilgrim" the regular annual elections of the President and the new government of the State of the Former Street Kids took place. The quarantine measures did not prevent the residents of the Republic from making their conscious choice.

Undoubtedly, the situation with the coronavirus in a certain way limited the possibilities of candidates, since usually the election campaign was actively and widely covered: a stand with posters of those who run for positions in the republic hung in the foyer of the Church of Good Changes. Volunteers and friends from the secondary school were always invited to participate in the election campaign … This year the campaign was limited by an internal framework. The elections were held in a narrow circle. But the main thing is that they took place. Nikita Abramov, who passed the presidential race ahead of other candidates, has been elected as the new President.

Nikita has not been in the republic for long, however, he managed to gain authority among the kids with his friendliness and ability to resolve conflicts. The guys are especially delighted with his ability to set up computers, and to install new games. Nikita also arranged online training in each classroom, and, of course, such abilities and human qualities were highly appreciated by the pilgrims. 

Also the girl named Angelica has taken in the government the post of Prime Minister. She got to Pilgrim almost 8 years ago. Over the years she has successfully completed a rehabilitation course, turning from an almost dumb child into a teenager with prospects and goals for the future. 

The government also has the ministries of physical culture and sports, culture and media, finance and, of course, health. The latest has increased its ratings and from an ordinary department has become the leading ministry of the republic, since it is entrusted with an enormous responsibility for the safety and health of the citizens of the republic in the current difficult conditions of the coronavirus pandemic. By the way, the Minister of Health monitors the cleaning and processing of classrooms and bedrooms, controls the distribution of vitamins to the kids and the measurement of temperature. 

Interesting changes also occurred in the Ministry of Sports, headed by the girl named Olympiada. She inherited the name from her parents who took part in the Paralympic Games. The girl herself is also actively involved in sports and promised to change the children’s opinions about sports.

Now the newly elected ministers and the president are studying the rights and responsibilities in accordance with their official posts. They are full of enthusiasm and desire to carry out reforms in the republic, to help the citizens of the Republic to comply with the laws and be the guarantors of their rights.