1500 men were set free of drugs and alcohol in the first branch of the fund “ Pilgrim”

The rehab monastery “ Way to God” in the village Novoromanovka, Krasnodarsky Krai, Russia turned eight years old. It was the first branch opened by the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” in Russia. The management of the monastery is planning only one thing – to plant more and more centers and churches.

Within the period of ministry of the monastery “ Way to God”  5 more rehab branches were opened at the territory of Russia, over 1500 people passed through the rehab course. Many of them became the ministers of other rehab centers ( the cities of Piatigorsk, Pavlodolskoe ( Nothern Osetia), Volgodonsk, Karachaevsk, Tabolsk), some became pastors of the churches in Moscow, Volgodonsk and Vladicaucas.

A leader, or more precisely a prior of the monastery, Grigoriy Kalinichenko – is a first man who came to have a rehabilitation to the Charity Fund “ Pilgrim” in M ariupol. Having passed through the rehab he, by the revelation from God, started to his homeland to Russia “ to catch men” in his native village Novoromanovka.

Grigoriy Kalinichenko:“ God expands the territories of our ministry. We have opened also an orphanage, we take for rehabilitation women with the kids under 3. People come from all over Russia though we never make any advertising campaigns. We don’t know ourselves how people get to know about us. I guess, if we do the advetising the monastery won’t be able to house all who’d like to pass rehab course.Only in our first center permanently about 60-80 people have their rehab. If we don’t ahve vacancies we send people to other centers, our branches. During 8 years about30 famililies were created. We also minister in 3 local prisons for 6 years already.”

In the small town where Grigoriy ministers almost all the drugsale places are closed that is why many drug addicts substututed drugs with alcohol abuse. What is why the still have a plenty of work in the monastery. The interaction with local authorities is developed: the mayor gave them paving slabs, the local farmer gives them job on the farm, village authorities gave them for free rent a building of the former school and kinder garten. The relationships with the police are also very good.

The definite answer of Grigoriy Kalinichenko to the question about future dreams and plans was the following: “We pray and dream only about one thing: to plant more and more new churches and new centers.We see our monastery as a basic center where God rises ministers and missionaries. We pray for the opening of the church here in our village.”