“Almost alive!” The Mariupol “pilgrims” have conquered the Mount Blanc

The Mariupol former street kids have conquered the Mount Blanc. Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko shared this information on his Facebook page.

“ We are alive ( but to be honest – almost alive)… We are extremely exhausted.. We have just descended from the top of Europe that we have conquered – the Mount Blanc 4 810 meters ( 15780 Ft)”, – Mokhnenko posted.

 The pastor told that their ascension had be done without any injuries and troubles and he called successful the entire expedition. Gennadiy thanked everyone who prayed for him and his sons, who conquered the highest peak of the Western Europe. 

 The ascension took 20 hours in the conditions of an extreme cold and wind. Systematically the young mountaineers had convulsions and fear attacks but they managed to cope with the both.

“ My sons are very brave. After overcoming the third part of the distance ( in the form of an almost vertical 1- kilometer wall) at night. I was sure that they left all their strength here and that the ascension was disrupted… But my little eaglet were not going to give up and managed to keep on storming ahead…” – this is how Mokhnenko described the final stage of the expedition.

“The banner of the project “ Ukraine – the World without orphans!”, that was with us the entire bike tour around the world, has been raised over the sixth mountain peak of the world class. This ascension was hard to the utmost and radically extreme”, – he shared.