The famous Ukrainian pastor – volunteer with his adopted kids have conquered the Mount Blanc

Pastor – volunteer from Mariupol, adoptive father of 33 orphans Gennadiy Mokhnenko with his adopted sons have conquered the Mont Blanc. In spite of the tough weather conditions – “ crazy wind, hellish cold, abrupt precipices on both sides from a 20  inches icy path”, the pastor and 6 of his kids ascended the highest mountain of Western Europe and by this feat they completed their worldwide trip within the charity tour “ The World without orphans!”. This what Gennadiy Mokhnenko who has recently become a character in the movie “ Mariupol. Ukrainian outpost” has shared on his Facebook page.

“ We are alive ( but to be honest – almost alive)… We are extremely exhausted.. We have just descended from the top of Europe that we have conquered – the Mount Blanc 4 810 meters ( 15780 Ft). I will tell you the details later. I need to come to myself and then will share my notes with you…”

 The fact that we are all safe is a real miracle. We thank everyone who remembered us in prayer… I can’t explain the success of the expedition in any other way but by the supernatural God’s strengthening…

 My sons are very brave. After overcoming the third part of the distance ( in the form of an almost vertical 1- kilometer wall) at night. I was sure that they left all their strength here and that the ascension was disrupted… 

But my little eaglet were not going to give up and managed to keep on storming ahead…”  The ascension lasted for 20 (!) hours.

The banner of the project “Ukraine – the World without orphans!”, which was with us the entire bike tour around the world, has been raised over the sixth mountain peak of the world class”. They have already conquered Elbrus ( 18510 Ft)? Freshfield Mount ( 10948Ft), Ararat (16853Ft) Reiner (14202Ft), Kilimanjaro (19340Ft) For the sake of orphaned kids for them to be adopted and taken to families we have completed the worldwide action having ridden on bikes 16777 miles.

 The expedition “ The World without orphans – Mount Blanc 2019” is the next call to not be scared and to take  orphans from orphanages! We thank all of you who are with us in this dream…” – Gennadiy posted on his page.

 Before the start of the last stage of the ascension to Mount Blanc the Pastor asked priests in all churches to pray: “ The most important … to pray about our dream – about “ Ukraine, Russia and the World without orphans!” From the next mountain of the world class we want to shout out loud: “ Orphans are not second class kids!” They are in orphanage not because something is wrong with them but because something is wrong with us, grown-ups!”

 It worth giving credit to the participants of multi-year charity action which purpose is to attract the attention to orphans from asocial families and to overcome doubts of those who still think about whether they should adopt an orphan, and they definitely succeeded in this undertaking.

« Yesterday at the service in Ternopil we saw this wonderful family… They testify that reports about our actions attracted their attention to the subject of adoption! And now they are getting ready to take the third orphan to their family already!” – Gennadiy Mokhnenko shred in his travel notes.