«Bringing the gift of Good»

The project «Bringing the gift of Good» was initiated by the children and has been carried out in “Republic Pilgrim”. The purpose of the project is to teach the kids to live not only for themselves but for others too, to share their talents, skills and gifts.  

Since the beginning of this year the pilgrims have already held an event  in the center for kids with special needs, they brought them gifts and made a show – the fairy tale” The Red Hot in Paris”

In addition to visiting such places with their performances the kids also invite guests to their center. Recently they invited the Church for deaf people “The Hands of Christ”. The pilgrims purposefully learnt a song in gestures and gave it to the guests and after that they showed a piece of drama with the help of flanellograf – they showed a biblical story of Daniel in the language accessible for the deaf people. All the guests got presents and according to the traditional they had a tea time with the pilgrims.

As a response the pilgrims always receive smiles, gratitude and unforgettable impressions after such meetings.

The mentors and educators know very well that more blessed are those who give than those who receive and the former street kids can experience it too. They enjoy it when they realize that even having small resources they can do much. And it inspires the children of the center to bring Good to people again and again. Such kinds of events have become an important part of the rehab work of the center.