The Women’s Day in “Pilgrim”

While the there are some disputes  about the 8th of March and it’s semantic load the children of the Republic Pilgrims decided to turn this day into the triumph of kindness, beauty, warmth, love and awakening of nature.

The kids don’t share the meaning of the first spring holiday of the year as of the “day of fight for the women’s rights” but they find it important to honor and to celebrate the best features of the beautiful half of humanity: tenderness, beauty, femininity, ability to love, to inspire, to care and to create comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

 The biggest part of the preparations lay on the shoulders of the masculine part of the children. The buy prepared pieces of Drama, dance and musical performances. They learnt some poems, they rehearsed a lot and made a real show not only for the girls and young ladies of the Republic but also for the teachers, for the women from the project “ I grow up with my Mom” and for the homes of family type.

There was also win-win lottery, sweet prizes and surely gifts in the program.

Victoria Vakhnova, the senior educator: « It’ s been a busy time for our artists since they are engaged with the school gala concert and also they have showed a few performances within the program of the Festival held in the church of Good Changes to tribute women. The boys did such a great job. It was the firework of the excellent mood and of the real spring”.