Committed students

One of these days there was a special day in “Republic Pilgrim” – the official ceremony to the commission to be students. The heroes of the day were not only first graders but the new comers – new citizens of the state of former street kids who started studying for the 1st time in their entire life.

Among the 1st graders there are some boys of 14-15 (brothers –  Savin, Florin and Peter Pinonik. It is the first time when they sat at the school desks. 6- year-old Nikita Isayev from the foster home for HIV positive children “House of Dream” was also officially announced a student. He proudly recited poems by heart at the party of commission and generally took an active part in the event. The guys were giving an oath of students in which they promised to do well at school, to be intelligent people of integrity and kind heart. The new school children were awarded with medals and gifts.

Alongside with fairy characters – wild animals – the pilgrims guessed riddles, solved tasks, danced and had fun. Those who gave a right answer got sweet prizes. 

At the very final of the gala day the children altogether were singing a school song “We divide everything into halves” and the presenters finished the event with the phrase: “You are not just kids now –you are students!!!”