In the Day of City – a cake from the mayor

The birthday of the city of Mariupol is a especial holiday for the Republic Pilgrim. The former street kids love their city and they celebrate this day always in a special way. This time they had a special surprise.

In the holiday “Republic Pilgrim” was visited by the Mayor Yuriy Khotlubei and by the vice Mayor Lyubomyr Palii. They came with gifts: brought two huge baskets with food and huge cake for the kids to have their own party in this day alongside with other mariupolites.

The city government said many good words to the orphanage and congratulated on the conquering Rainier Mount.

The President of the charity Fund “Pilgrim”, Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko handed over the banner of the city that was on the top of the Mount Reinier and the guys gave photos and stones from the mountaintop. The mayor shared his memories of childhood and asked the children if they have a lack of food, how they study, promised to support the center further more and suggested the management of the center to make a list of suggestions how the city government can render some help to the center to solve its basic problems for the year 2011.

In the day of the city the children of “Pilgrim” gave one more present to the city of Mariupol. Two pilgrims occupied the first places in the tournament in speed racing on rollers. Valera Glushets, President of Republic, has become the winner of 3 km race and Kolya Rykov has become 1 km race winner.