School season for pilgrims

After the extreme summer with trips and journeys the pilgrims started to study again. The first day of study is always special for the pilgrims. The staff and the kids get prepared for this day in advance: they get the school uniform ready, organize a special concert – the children learn poems by heart. And everybody – kids and teachers look forward to this day.

atyana Karpuchina, the executive of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: “We love the 1st of September – the so called day of Knowledge. Every year all of us, dressed officially and with flowers go to the secondary school to have a special line (parade). This year some of the kids sat at the desk for the first time in their life so it was the first school bell”.

There are also some kids in Pilgrim who can’t be enrolled in the schoolso far for some reasons. But according to Tatyana Karpuchina, they will study like other kids – they will have lessons and breaks and home assignments. The tutors of the center will teach them in a special class.

After the solemn line they came back to Pilgrim to have a special gala program. There were enigmas on school subject – the guys won prizes for the correct answers, they also had a speedy contest where they were to pack the school bag, to depict the class with the whole team and other competitions devoted to the day of knowledge.

 By the tradition the gala program finished with a tea party and sweet table where there were congrats on the 1st of September and wishes to study well.