To get out of crisis to the new life

Almost a year ago at the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” was open and successfully functions a rehab project in the village Polevoe named Crisis – center. This is a place where homeless people can sleep as well as those who are drunkards, addicts and many others. Here they can come to, they will be rendered help, tidied, and then offered to change their life, to have a rehab course and to start to live as normal people.

The ministry of the crisis – center started with some people from Demjanovka’s rehab center who were serving an old lonely woman in the Polevoe village. They had nobody to help her – nor relates, nor friends, her countrymen refused to stretch out a hand of help to her.  

When young people entered her house they were stunned: the house hadn’t been tidied for years, the old woman had lived in the dirt and mud, in a bunch of trash. “We are not going to leave you!” – They said and started looking after the old woman. They first tidied the rooms and then started giving lodging to people who would look after her, would feed here and help around.  The last 2 years the woman couldn’t walk and that is why the minister Oleg Logvinenko lived in her house and looked after her. Before her death the old woman made a will where she was leaving her property for the ministry to socially unstable category of people.

     Beside the crisis – center the management of the fund plans to open here the basis for handicapped (especially, people in wheel-chairs). Two of such people already live there. They are going to stay there for at least 3 months. It is a probation term to see if it works for their better – if it is they will be allowed to live there full time.

     The guys plan to renovate the house a little and to make the yard: to put tiles, to make a shower, to make a sauna for disabled. And in the garden they dream to make a place for rest, to build an arbor. Everything will be made in a way purposed to make the life of people in wheel- chairs easier and brighter.