Guests from the prison at Sunday Worship

10 prisoners from the colony of settlement get temporal freedom to attend Sunday Worship in the Church of Good Changes . Many of them have never been to the service in modern church that is why being so impressed they make a decision to stay and serve to God in Mariupol when their term is over.

Within the years the workers of the prison ministry of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” managed to build good relationships with the administration of the colony of settlement rendering them spiritual support and financial – technical help in repair works in the colony. As a result the head of the management of the prison assessed the possibility for 10 convicted escorted by officers to attend the services of the Church on Sundays.     

In fact, they were pretty new to such non traditional kind of liturgy and that is why their first impressions were unforgettable: they were greatly touched by the Worship and by the scale of social work the church carries out. 

At once after the Service pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko had a meeting with the team from prison. They had tea together and the guys from the colony could ask their questions. Pastor Gennadiy, in his turn, told them about the chain of rehab centers  the fund has in Ukraine and Russia. The big impact on the guys was made by the ministry to children who need rehabilitation – many of those who came have their own kids who also wander on streets.

 There about 300 people who live in the colony of settlement, their average age is 25-20. The majority of them are waiting for being released according to paroling. Their regime is not verysevere. The prisoners who can be trusted have right to go outside of the colony to the store or even to go to work.

     The last month in the colony showed that those who were on a visit to Sunday Worship in the church started behaving even better than before. So maybe the number of those who attend the church on Sunday will increase soon. And they will be able to go to youth service of the church without a police escort.

     Many guys from the colony ignite desire to serve in Mariupol after they are released. Therefore the Charity Fund plans to start special adaptation center for them.