The fight at Kulikovo is actively held

The first and basic dream that people in the rehab center in Kulikovo pray for is to develop youth ministry that would attract young people of this village and the nearest ones.

Ahead with the leader of the center Grigoriy Bondarenko the people on rehab picked up the premise and pray for opening of the Church of Good Changes there. Children, teens, young people and just inhabitants of the village will be able to go there to have fellowship, to get to know God, to pray and different youth events are to be held there. They talked about it with the village authorities and the chairman of the village council who in his turn fully supports the idea and is ready to help in this good beginning.

Within couple years since the opening of this rehab center the brothers built good relationships with the locals and with the authorities of the village. The local newspaper “Rodnoye Priazovie” has published couple times the articles about the success of the rehab center.

Grigoriy Bondarenko, the leader of the rehab center in  Kulikovo vill.:  “ Nowadays young people of this area has no place to go but bars. As an alternative the Christian entertainment youth center can be helpful to spread the Gospel. We also dream to start the affiliated Church of Good Changes in Novoazovsky area as well as Street Outreaches for the inhabitants of the villages around.”

And now the rehabilitation is actively held, the young people pray and learn the Word of God and work hard to provide them with food. The economy of this center is on quite a high level: they bought hens, ducks and geese for their ministry. Beside two huge green houses with the total area 4305 sq Ft they plan to purchase one more to grow seedlings. The finances they get from their economy they invest in their ministry. The guys also often donate vegetables for the kinder garden in the village and bring some food to “Republic Pilgrim”.

Grigoriy Bondarenko: “We love hosting guests and that is why their friends from Adaptation center of Mariupol and rehab center in Chervonoe come to see us. We invite everybody and will be glad to see everybody”.