The graduate of “Pilgrim” has passed the casting to All – Ukrainian contest “Everybody dances”

Sergey Cherepanov, nickname Pushkin, used to compose poems. But presently he found himself in other direction. The former street kid has become a professional dancer.

Sergiy was only 14 when he departed from his native city Lugansk to Mariupol, closer to the sea. As soon as he got to know about “Republic Pilgrim” he came there because living on street didn’t seem exciting to him at all. He had lived in the center for 18 months. On finishing secondary school and on getting his certificate he came back to Lugansk where he was enrolled to TechnicalSecondary School to get the education and to become a system administration.

His new hobby – dancing – started with watching TV show “Everybody dances”. He started training, learning to dance hip-hop 2-3 hours a day and then 7-8 hours a day 7 days a week. When the casting to the third season of the show started Sergey took part and unexpectedly was accepted for the further levels of selection. In Kiev he was waited for the new tests. He didn’t get to final of the competition but his success still inspired him to enter the Institute of Culture and Arts to become a choreographer. He works as a dance teacher and earns his living also as a dancer at big events.

On his way to the concert in Sevastopol Sergey came around to his dear “Pilgrim”. At the age of 21 the guy looks so masculine so that not everybody could recognize him at once. But he remembers everybody by name.

     Sergey Cherepanov: “I have the most unforgettable recollections about “Pilgrim”. I remember us to go to basketball matches, to play soccer often, I remember our trips, morning and evening prayers. For now my life is dancing, but I dream to have a happy family, good job and my own house”.

     It is so good to see that Sergey found his own way in life and chose the decent conduct. To see the graduates of “Pilgrim” so well socialized is always such a big joy for Pastor Gennadiy and the staff of the children’s center.