Common, pilgrims!

Young pilgrims participated in the holidays of boldness. It was a peculiar experience of unequal struggle where High School students from “Republic “Pilgrim” could compete in their strengths with High School Students from public school No 18 in the contest “Common, boys”.

For the first time the teens of the center fought with school teams, moreover, the public school students were 2 years older than the pilgrims. Regardless of age difference “ Eagles” from the state of former street kids  differed from others with their unity and cohesion When everybody was fussing around the pilgrims were praying together holding hands of each other.

The original performance of the pilgrims in Kazaks style and in Ukrainian stunned all of the audience. And the waltz performed by the former street kids turned into a real piece of drama. It all started with a song of the female partner and then the couple swam in the Viennese waltz. The rest competitions were very hard: steeplechase, lifting weights (16 kg or 1 pud), push-ups on the bar, peeling potatoes in speed and quality. 

In spite of the fact that the pilgrims are younger and they looked like “little sparrows” on the background of public school giants it was impossible to extinguish their spirit. And there was a very well organized group of cheerleaders with banners and mottos. 

In “Pilgrim” they made a feast to honor our heroes. They were not afraid of older rivals and kept adequately.