The medieval epoch in the walls of “Pilgrim”

In the center of children’s rehabilitation the Knight tournament was held where every young knight, - former street kid, - learned a reverent and a subtle attitude to their beautiful lady.

Beautiful princesses, children of the center, took part in this contest, Dulcinea of Taboss, Nefertiti, Princess Anastasia and others. Sure enough they couldn’t do Don Quixote, Prince Rodolfo, Egyptian prince. For the atmosphere in the hall to be genuinely medieval they made a setting with shields and Knight Flags. At the tournament the young knights competed in dexterity and skill, ability to walk blindfolded, and that is so much important – the ability to magnify his beautiful lady, her dignity and beauty. To do this, each participant had to sing a serenade to her, to tell the sonnet and declaration of love.

Ladies, in turn, were also to show themselves in all their glory and all the details of their toilets were of particular importance. The ability to sing, to pace gently, to tell a story about them, as well as the ability to support her knight – all rated by an impartial jury. The jury did not include mentors, only teachers from the school and the pastor Anatoly of the Church of the Good Change. They have a lot of discussions before summing up, because the level of training of all participants was high.

Eventually, the first place was taken by prince Rodolfo and Princess Maria – Victoria who conquered everybody with their “waltz”. Exotic Egyptian couple performed their characters brightly and consequently took the second place in the tournament. The image of silent eastern woman was so characteristic for shy Karina (Nefertiti) and her prince was so very emotional that he would have thrown everything to her feet. The song of princess Anastasia conquered the audience and took an honorable bronze.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the executive of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “Pilgrim”: All of them were worthy to take the first place since they wholeheartedly got prepared for the event. The tournament itself was permeated with the honorable attitude to lady. This pedagogical approach is, certainly, actual in our corrupted world. The tournament brought the optimism and faith in the fact that knights in our times still exist”.