New currency in Ukraine!

After the election of the new president of “Republic “Pilgrim” one of the first tasks in the state of former street kids was to introduce a new – authority currency -“ pilihrivna” with a portrait of the new president on it.

The new president of “ Republic “ Pilgrim” Valeriy Glushets managed to introduce order, punctuality and straight responsibility to the life of the center. For the good job he was awarded with the the special carbine watch by the Principle and the Prime- Minister was awarded with gold rings and the rooms where the ministers live were decorated with fancy clocks.

Accomplishing 2 basic tasks of success: “ To trust” and “To work” the pilgrims actively earn pilihrivnas during a month. They do cleaning, help the full time ministers, organize and participate in the events of the center. And the Minister of Finances of Republic Pilgrim has a special register for the bookkeeping of pilihrivnas. And at the end of the month the President hand over to those who earned pilihrivnas the amount     are supposed to get and afterwards they can purchase something for themselves on a special fair made for them monthly. Sweets of different types, hygienic stuff and gifts for friends – are in great demand among the young customers.

This time the currency of the state is special. There will be currency with the portrait of the new president on them.

According to the mentor in chief of the center Victoria Vakhnova Valeriy does very well as the President. He keeps his eye open for the rights of both younger ones and older ones to be respected, he cherishes the position he was elected for  and sure enough he cherishes the trust of the kids and workers of the center.

Victoria Vakhnova: ‘Valeriy’s way to becoming the President. He used to be one of the most difficult children. There was a time where I gave up on him. He was problematic, conflicting, had addictions. But presently he is such a great guy. He shows now with his own example that it is possible to be radically changed to the better.”