Coronavirus and the Republic of Pilgrim

The coronavirus pandemic did not bypass the Children’s Rehabilitation Center “Pilgrim Republic”. The kids are in quarantine and it undoubtedly changed the rhythm of life of the kids, teachers and the charity fund as a whole.

The usual noisy life of residents of the republic has changed: the kids have no opportunity to travel, attend cinemas, theaters, museums, sports events, and also to receive many guests, which was an integral part of the daily routine. Spring break was also held under quarantine, which means that the children were self-insulated within the building and the territory of the children’s center.

But the pilgrims were always distinguished by their strong spirit and ability not to surrender to any circumstances. In quarantine life did not stop. Each morning begins with a prayer for improving the situation in the world with covid19, followed by a thorough disinfection of the building and the surrounding area. The educators also constantly monitor more frequent hand washing among citizens of the republic.

Tatyana Karpukhina, director of the Center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: “The kids do not stop their studies. Together with them we read, draw, learn multiplication tables, and conduct Bible lessons. On weekends we have the opportunity to be in the service online, and in order to diversify our leisure time, different events take place every day: sports, chess, tennis tournaments, thematic drawing competitions and fairs. There is also time for computer activities and games. Due to the fact that we have a wonderful fenced area with a children’s playground and a mini football pitch, the kids can enjoy fresh air every day, they ride roller skates, skateboards, play football, and basketball.”

The educators of the center also note that this tense situation unites the children even more, making them truly one family. They learn to think not only about themselves, but to care and  to pray for people around the world, especially for those regions where the mortality rate from this disease and its consequences is very high. They especially care for doctors who save people’s lives for them to be under God’s special protection.

Despite the complexity of the situation, the citizens of the Republic remain optimistic and believe that the virus will soon be defeated, and the life of the whole world, Ukraine and the State of Former Street Kids will return to their usual course.