Trip around the world with «the Republic Pilgrim».

The pilgrims made an incredible tour around the world. The citizens of the state of former street kids,  the guests and a competent jury were able to immerse themselves in the multicultural atmosphere of the show that has recently been performed by the kids and teens in the center of children's rehabilitation «Republic Pilgrim».

To get to know more about culture, traditions, sights of the countries of the world, to see unusual customs, to hear musical paculiarities of various  nations and to taste exotic dishes- those were the sensations the pilgrims have tried to impart and to introduce to all the guests.

Tatyana Karpuckhina, the director of the children’s rehab center « Republic Pilgrim»: « Imagine the mesmerizing dance of the chinese princesses wearing amazing costumes, meeting a real ancient monster, watching a brazil wedding ceremony of taming a wild donkey by the groom, a cool voyage around the multinational Amerika with humburgers and Coke! The audience could be present at the Day of Milan fashion, saw a real gondolier. And the godfather of italian mafia from the Gambino family mafe  the whole audience tremble. And trust me, none could sit still during the joyful jewish dance! And the famous jewish humor was highly estimated even by the most serious of the pilgrims. It was truly fabulous!». 

A significant part of any country of the world is their national cousine, this is why each team prepared and served table with special dishes and everyone present could try and evaluate the cousines of the world.

All the teams were rewarded by special prizes and got their portion of delight, great emotions of the performance «Around the world» that impressed them so much. However the most incredible and precious, according to Tatyana Karpukhina, has been the fact that all costumes, scenes, attributes and dishes were made by the kids themselves with the help of their educators. It is such events that brightly demonstrate how much the kids change to the better while having their course of rehabilitation in Pilgrim, revealing their talents, using their creative thinking, knowledge and the desire to create.