Pilgrim’s story about Christmas.

In the past year, the pilgrims brought a piece of miracle, showing the production about the Birth of the King in the "Republic Pilgrim" . They wanted everyone who came to the celebration to be able to plunge into the brightest and kindest story that ever happened in the world.

The time to prepare Christmas Holiday has passed completely unnoticed, because the kids were so involved in the process that they did not notice how they became a reliable team and learnt to support each other.

The rivalry between the teens disappeared, and instead they got a common goal – to give a miracle for the invited kids!

They reacted to the event with great dedication since all the children from the foster houses of family-type, as well as friends and relatives were invited to celebrate the main holiday of the year.

Young theatergoers, along with their mentors, paid attention to each character. The costumes were designed thoroughly, to the smallest detail. The kids wrote the script by themselves and decorated their house with their own hands, so that when the guests entered the Pilgrim, they were charged with the festive atmosphere.

Unanimously the children noted that on Christmas days they want to be kinder and brighter and to bring joy to everyone around. But the most important conclusion of the former street kids is that, whatever the attributes of this holiday are, the main thing is to keep the truth about Christmas in our hearts and to share the good with others.