Each pilgrim certificate is another victory of good over evil

The second half of the school year in the Republic Pilgrim. The Center of Children's Rehabilitation Republic Pilgrim was in the quarantine mode as  all educational institutions. But in the face of uncertainty the ninth graders were still able to complete the next stage in their lives and had an unforgettable graduation party.

Quarantine, due to the coronavirus pandemic, undoubtedly brought clutter to the life of the State of the former street kids as well as throughout the world. The usual routine of life was violated, visits to children and, of course, various events with the participation of guests were prohibited. School classes were also canceled and the study took place online. Teachers and teens did not know until the last time whether they should prepare for exams or not. However, as a result, ninth graders were exempted from final exams. The presentation of certificates in school did not take place as solemnly as usual, but with caution, according to the epidemiological situation: each graduate received it at school, entering one by one in a mask.

Nevertheless, the educational process for the ninth grade was completed, and its end was marked by the long-awaited graduation ball at which the graduation certificates and commemorative photo albums were solemnly presented to them.

The guys were waiting for this day, carefully preparing for it. A special gift for graduates from the youth of the Church of Good Changes was the decoration of the hall, the dresses for graduates. Also the girls made hairstyles for graduates, made a beautiful photo zone and arranged a real photo session.

Tatyana Karpukhina, director of the Center for Children’s Rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: “For all the staff of the Pilgrim each graduation is an incredible miracle of God. And each time we never cease to rejoice that the kids with ruined lives, with huge learning gaps and various addictions were able to restore their life and to continue their studies, which, thanks to our entire team and the school system which operates in  the center, makes it possible for students to complete their studies. Each certificate is another victory of good over evil. ”

Most of the current graduates will enroll in professional lyceums and master working professions. It is very important that the children do not lose not only their learning and knowledge skills but also those good qualities, life principles that they acquired in the Pilgrim, and which will help them not to return to their former way of life in the future.