Former street kid and pastor – pilgrim visit Western Europe

Pastor of the “Church of Good Changes” Gennadiy Mokhnenko alongside with his foster son, former street kid, champion of Ukraine in boxing Roma Chebotaryov were invited to European churches of Czech Republic and Germany.

The friends from Czech Republic ahead with Vaclac Bednar who has been ministering in many churches of Ukraine for awhile, were so glad to meet pastor with Roma at the youth conference “Good warrior of Jesus Christ”. Gennadiy Mokhnenko took part as a speaker. Inspiring the youth of Czech republic to do feats for God’s sake pastor could see how they experienced the Lord  and got healing, were baptized with the Holy Spirit, many of them renewed their covenant with Christ, some of them repented. Unforgettable view was the actual boxing ring they made on the stage to show real Ukrainian boxer boxing.

Former street kid and now the foster kid of pastor Gennadiy, champion of Ukraine in boxing among juniors was fighting with Czech boxer who was one head taller and 8 pounds heavier. According to observers the technical excellence of Ukrainian boxer was evident. But it was a friendly fight so friendship actually won.

At the end of the conference the organizers thanked Gennadiy for coming and ministering with the Word of God and testimonies.

Pastor Mokhnenko also came to Pluderhausen and ministered there, he came to the partner church there, visited friends and partners of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” at the north of Germany in Cloppenburg.

 Having come back from the European trip Roma went back to his studies and sports with new energy and enthusiasm. His teachers as well as foster parents point out that the fellow has changed a lot. He has become more open, sociable and kindhearted. Roma himself shared his joy about such an opportunity to go to Europe and he would tell his friends in Pilgrim about what he had seen there.

Roma Chebotaryov: “This was my first trip abroad, first to Europe of course. I love it there! I was surprised to see so many smiles on people’s faces. We don’t see them so often here.. We went to Aquapark on our way home – it was my first time in Aquapark ever and I was really amazed. It was breathtaking.. .wow! And I really enjoyed just being in the car while driving along European motorways, they are so good there”.