Forth foster family in the Charity fund “Pilgrim”

One more foster family was started at the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”. Anatoliy and Elizabeth Voloshin raised 4 their own kids. Three of them are adults and one of them is married, however the parents decided not to stop at this point but to foster 3 children from the orphanage.

Among 4 own kids of Voloshins there is 11-year-old Timothy. But according to them they can become parents to some more children that need parental love so they came up with the decision to make a guardianship for 3 teenagers from “Pilgrim”. Roma Kim is a same age of Timothy, brothers Roma and Sasha Chebotaryovs have become a part of the foster family too.

 The children have quite a tough life behind them like every other kid from “Pilgrim”. They got to the center in different ways and times. Sasha got to ‘Pilgrim” for the first time in 2003 but ran away pretty soon. He got back in 2009 and came on his own. And only then at the age of 14 he sat at the desk to study first time in his life. Being fed up with wandering and begging on street he realized he’d like to study and to grow successful person. He is doing very well at school now, tries his best and has a great willing to study.

   Roma Chebotaryov was picked up at night raid in 2003. The boy showed himself as a kind and gentle, nice person. He’s become a soul of company and was loved by the staff. Behind his shoulder there was only begging and street life.

Regardless of being brothers Roma and Sasha were not living in the same foster family before. 

  3 years after, in 2006, Roma Kim got to “Pilgrim”. He used to live with his mother who was a drug user, his father was in prison. Both parents are presently deprived of their parental rights. They used to make Roma beg on streets that is why most of his yearly childhood was spent on street. He was found precisely there by the workers of “Pilgrim”. According to the mentors of the center the boy has become a zest of the state of former homeless. He couldn’t without an adventure a single day. He always brought joy and laughter to the staff. But one day all of a sudden he became more serious and went in for sports. Alongside with Roma Chebotaryov they started doing boxing and in a short period they became champions in this sphere among juniors.

 However the problem occurred. There was a moment when the kids had to be either returned to a state boarding school or to be adopted or fostered. The Voloshins responded to the call of their heart They made a guardianship over the kids. The boys moved to their new house. God blessed the paper process and it went quite fast and well.

The head of the family Anatoliy has big plans. They want to build an extra construction to their house to be able to foster some more kids. Elizabeth would like it to be girls.